"ThatsMyCandy" is one of the small businesses run by a family living in England, United Kingdom.

From Owner - Aj

This business was started in first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 by me. I initially started this business due to issues related with capital, however I soon realised the power and freedom it gives me running my own business I cannot get anywhere else in this world ; from buying, selling and bringing the best customer satisfaction and service to my customers to making sure they get the best quality products from all around the world right at their doorstep without any inconvenience or having to worry about returning back the item in the first place.

We at "ThatsMyCandy" work continously 7 days a week to make sure you get every order you place right at your doorstep from perfect packaging to the best sanitation and hygiene guaranteed within 2-5 working days of you placing the order.

To be extra careful and safe you can place orders with us at our eBay and Amazon stores as well to build trust first :) Hey? You still reading this? Well here's a little gift for you use code THANKS5 at checkout for 5% OFF!